Below are some of the awesome projects I’ve been able to tackle at OU. I also have compiled some of my best clips from my time at the OU Daily here.


Opinion: OU Counseling Psychology Clinic’s impending closure unacceptable, will leave students without vital resource

Guest column written for the OU Daily addressing mental health services on campus; following publication, OU President David Boren hired a new psychologist for the campus health clinic and partially credited this column

Last semester, when I heard one of my colleagues at The Daily mention that the clinic was closing, it felt like a punch to the gut. I immediately thought back to my last session in May and the way my therapist and I had both teared up as it came time to part ways. I thought about the closure I felt when she told me that, from my first appointment, she hadn’t thought I was crazy at all. No, she thought I was brave. Brave for reaching out. Brave for trusting. Brave for letting myself be vulnerable.


Opinion: Rapper duo Run the Jewels reminds fans to keep their hands to themselves at concert. Here’s why that matters

“We usually give this speech later on in the set,” noted El-P, but we were a particularly lit crowd. He instructed us to make sure we were having fun while staying aware of the people around us — if someone looks like they’re not doing so great, help them out of the crowd. The next rule, though, is what affected me even more: “Keep your hands to your f—in’ self!”


Our View: Students can play important role in renaming DeBarr Avenue

Editorial written for OU Daily during local debate over renaming DeBarr Avenue


Our View: Despite faults, OU President David Boren leaves large shoes to fill

Editorial written for OU Daily following President David Boren’s retirement announcement

“‘Don’t Cap My Care’ Medicaid Rally”

Blog co-written with Allie Claman for the League of Women Voters of the United States, covering Medicaid rally in Washington, D.C.

While Medicaid covers a variety of communities, disability rights advocates have come front and center to oppose the AHCA and its proposed Medicaid caps. Medicaid is a lifeline for millions of Americans—including 44% of children with disabilities in the U.S.

“Editor’s pick: Five influential opinion columns from spring 2017”

Spring 2017 opinion column roundup (all columns produced under my editorial oversight)

“Let’s talk: Don’t let depression undermine your self-worth”

Column addressing personal experiences with depression for World Health Day 2017

“Seven OU Daily columns written by women in honor of International Women’s Day”

International Women’s Day 2017 opinion column roundup (all columns produced under my editorial oversight)

“Four columns on current political situation you do not want to miss”

Post-election opinion column roundup (all columns produced under my editorial oversight)

“Column: Thoughtful dialogue requires participation from all sides”

Column written for OU Daily as Opinion Editor

I believe in the power of the op-ed column to constantly challenge, elucidate and elevate the conversation. I believe in its deft balance between fact and the often gut-wrenching reality of human emotion. I believe that objectivity doesn’t always mean neutrality, and opinion writing gives us the chance to explore that divide. I believe that expressing our viewpoints can change how others see the world, but it can also change ourselves.


“Looking back at the top five OU Daily opinion columns of fall 2016”

Fall 2016 opinion column roundup

“Column: ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival arrives at crucial moment in women’s history”

Column published in anticipation of Gilmore Girls revival

From 2000 to 2007, a new kind of TV heroine graced our screens. Rory Gilmore was well-read and whip-smart, but she was also shy and frequently angsty. She was a beauty, but unabashedly brainy. What set Rory apart from other female aspirational pop culture characters was her complexity, and ‘Gilmore Girls’ was never afraid to reflect the multifaceted reality of womanhood in its characters and plotlines.

“Column: Why it’s ignorant to detest OU’s mandatory diversity training”

Op-ed published in the OU Daily student newspaper

Diversity — meaningful, inclusive, celebratory diversity — is not the same as this conveniently blameworthy, amorphously defined spectre of ‘political correctness,’ which terrifies the OU College Republicans. Continuing to ignore underrepresented groups perpetuates oppression, and if we criticize ‘political correctness’ in order to avoid changing our worldview to accommodate others’ experiences of oppression, we continue being part of the problem.


“El Estado de mi Agua: Norman Spanish Speakers and Water Quality” Google Slides Presentation

This presentation is a synthesis of my senior capstone project, which investigated the accessibility of water quality information in Norman, Oklahoma, for monolingual Spanish speakers. I presented this project at the Fall 2015 Mosaic Social Justice Symposium at OU.

OU Daily Mental Health Video Project

Guest column and interview for the OU Daily student newspaper

“Conscious Consumerism: Broke College Kid Edition”

Op-ed published on the OU Students for Social Justice blog

“Climate Justice: The Emerging Frontier of Environmentalism” PowerPoint

I researched, created, and presented this slide show at the Spring 2015 Mosaic Social Justice Symposium at the University of Oklahoma.

“Op-Ed: Female Incarceration: The Real War on the Family”

Op-ed published on the OU Students for Social Justice blog


Women Need… Tumblr site

I created this photography project as my term project for Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies.